Monday, September 2, 2019

Topic Brainstorms

So to begin with, I have no prior knowledge of Indian Epics. So anything I choose is all new information.

The first topic that looks interesting is starting at the beginning with Creation Stories. I love different ideas on creation. They all have similarities and differences. It's neat to see how the connect globally. Even different cultures/languages share ideas/thoughts. The link in wikipedia on creation intrigued me and I loved the information and how it broke it down into parts. It's not one set idea but rather several different ideas throughout the culture. It's interesting even in just that they have similarities and differences, and I think it would be fascinating to learn more, and come up with a neat way to tie them together.

Another topic that caught my attention was Indra, God of Thunder. Of course I think of Thor, so it would be cool to read about Indra and see the similarities/differences to what we think of. I like that it's another topic that spans across into Buddhism and Jainism as well as Hinduism.  Being an animal lover, I love the fact he has an Elephant. I could imagine writing a story about one of his great adventures. The Wikipedia page has lots of information. I could see it being easy to go back and reference.

The third that jumped out at me was Loving Couples of the Ramayana.I'm a sucker for a good love story, so that seems right up my ally. It would be cool to write about a loving couple and contrast it with another to show both sides. I liked going through and reading about Urmila and Lakshmana and their apparent drama. It could be fun to twist stories and find ways to play with it.

(Image from Flickr)

Lastly, Animal characters of the Ramayana definitely caught my eye. I LOVE animals, so it would be cool to go through and see the influences they have in the stories. Nala makes me think of the Lion King, although in this she is a monkey. I would like to compare the two. This Nala seems to have a lot more to her, although both technically go through a battle.

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