Sunday, September 15, 2019

Week 4 Review

The Image I LOVED was the "Success is not coming to you; you must come to it" cat. It reminded me of my own cats and them trying balancing on a ladder like that, thinking it would go okay.

The Video I chose was the crash course mythology about Rama. I definitely understand the struggling with pronunciation. I guess I also didn't realize he was blue. I loved that it was a story passed down through generations, and not written down for years. It's also interesting that it spans culture. The art work/animations they used to tell the story was a really cool way to illustrate the story. I just realized I don't remember much about Lakshmana's twin. All the other brothers seemed more active in the story. I really liked the way he told the story. He used a lot in infliction in his voice to keep the viewer entertained. I felt it was a very good representation to the story. He stuck to the same story/included the major details. As he told it, I could think of what part of the book he was discussing. For those not as familiar with it, I think would understand even though it's only a 14 or so minute video. "Just kidding baby, I knew you were legit" cracked me up. It definitely left it very intriguing that would entice me to read the story, if I hadn't already.

(Image from Flickr)

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